Conditions which can be helped by Nutritional Therapy:


Weight Gain Food allergies Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Acne Psoriasis Eczema
Arthritis PCOS Premenstrual Syndrome
Endometriosis Menopause Heavy, irregular or painful periods
Infertility Depression Cardiovascular Disease
Fatigue Stress Headaches
Migraine Osteoporosis Mood swings
Asthma Addictions Bloating and flatulence
Eating disorders Gout Underactive thyroid
Insomnia Hyperactivity High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol Food cravings Candida (Thrush)


I will be presenting two seminars on Thursday 15th March at Blackpool Winter Gardens at WHIS - World Health Innovation Summit. One will be tackling Inflammation and the other Brain Health.    

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