Corporate Workshops

Did you know? The World Health Organisation  (WHO) reports that adequate nourishment can raise productivity levels by 20%. More corporate companies are joining the wellness industry by providing their employees with ways to increase vitality, reduce sickness and stress in the workplace. I can offer Nutrition workshops or seminars for your employees to tackle issues such as stress or blood sugar balancing ,improving performance in the workplace, weight loss, tackling digestive issues arising from stress and shift working and educating the employees to make the right nutritional choices. I am also qualified to run MOT health checks on employees and give nutritional therapy consultations in-house.

A Corporate Nutrition Programme could include running nutrition workshops and seminars for employees, researching employees’ needs regarding healthy eating in the workplace, auditing employers’ on-site catering facilities, holding healthy food tastings and running workplace nutrition clinics for employees to use. Workplace nutrition programmes as part of your employee welfare scheme can be implemented to help increase staff retention and productivity and reduce levels of stress and absenteeism.  The aim is to train and engage employees to better understand matters of health and nutrition. Topics could include the following suggestions but could be personalised for the company;

  1. Improving mood and energy levels- the mid afternoon slump!
  2. Supporting the immune system- reduce absenteeism due to colds and infections
  3. Cardiovascular health- high cholesterol and the benefits of eating the right fats.
  4. Weight loss- obesity may lead to many health issues including high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer
  5. Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals? Are you getting your 5 a day?
  6. Reducing your toxic load- can your liver cope?
  7. Natural radiance (skin, hair, eyes and nails)- what gives you the healthy glow
  8. Maintaining a healthy digestive system- if your digestive system does not function properly, then how can the nutrients be absorbed properly?
  9. Do we drink enough in our working day?
  10. Food Intolerances.

Designing and delivering a nutrition audit of the staff restaurant facility can be included.  As a result, recommendations for improving menus, ingredients and cooking practices could be implemented, with the aim of maximising the health, quality and variety of meals and snacks available to staff.

Holding healthy food tastings in a staff restaurant and being on-hand to answer any staff questions about nutrition would introduce people to types of healthy food that they may not otherwise have tried.

Undertaking ‘snap’ research of employees’ views regarding healthy eating and how they feel their employer could help them to eat more healthily at work.

On-site nutrition clinics for businesses keen to offer their employees holistic support for weight management , digestive issues, diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure issues which may be having an impact on absenteeism and workplace productivity.